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              Product name: Bluesky_flash
              file name: Bluesky_flash.zip

              Comments :
              This package includes the [01~06.fla][01~06.swf][input.txt]
              flash with index.htm.
              This package includes the input.txt for editing flash movie.

              How to edit the text of the flash movie.

              1. Open the input.txt text file.

              2. You can view the following codes.
              Your company name
              your company slogan1
              your company slogan2
              &description=You can easily modify this page by selecting the text and replacing it with your own content.
              (If there is incorrect code in the text file, change the codes as shown above)

              3. Replace t1, &t2, &t3 , &description with your own text.

              Please do not leave any space before and after "
              &" in the codes.
              Please do not move
              input.txt file and .swf file to other directory.

              ** Custom service + .swf
              If you don't know how to use Flash, please ask us for a custom service for your flash modification.

              1. How to order custom service : Go to custom service>flash at ThemeGallery
              http://www.themegallery.com/). Fill out the order form and send it to us.
              We will send you the estimate by email.

              How to add the splash page to your web site.
              1. rename your index.htm of web site to main.htm.
              2. import files into your web.
              3. Go to file > Import. Click the "Add file" button
              4. Browse to the zip folder on your desktop
              5. Select your .htm file and .swf file.
              6. Click "Ok" to import them into your web.
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